Tecumseh Commercial District


Maybe it's our smaller bureaucracy or our more open attitude.  Whatever it is, it allows us to cut red tape and speed up approval processes.  Building permits, for example, usually take three to five days for approval. 

People like it here because everything is just around the corner.  For instance, an international metropolitan population of over five million.  That number jumps to 125 million when you take in the day-drive market.  And we're closer to the area's international airport than most of the City of Windsor. 

We're one of Windsor's nearest and best connected suburbs, with direct access to the NAFTA Superhighway.

We're focused on sustainable, planned development and we're home to many of the area's more affluent residents. 

These and other factors make us, in the estimation of many, the best of the suburbs.  Want to know more?  Drop us a line; we promise we'll get back to you in a hurry.


Tecumseh Ontario - The Best of the "Burbs"