Economic Development

There are a number of great reasons to locate your business in the Town of Tecumseh.  After reviewing our site you could probably come up with a list of your own.  We’ve talked with local residents, listened to our visitors and we’ve asked our local businesses, what makes Tecumseh so attractive?  We’ve come up with our own list:

  • A strong history in manufacturing and processing industries
  • A manufacturing-centric labour force
  • Support industries attuned to manufacturing and processing
  • Educational attainments of the population that are increasing and in line with demand of the higher technology “new manufacturing” industries
  • There is an abundance of clean water which is a major consideration in many bio-processing industries
  • A multi-modal, transportation system (air, highway and rail) with which few can compare
  • 150 million consumers are within one day’s drive of Tecumseh
  • Close proximity to a Windsor International airport
  • Being close to all the amenities that a person could ever ask for while still maintaining a small town atmosphere