Strategic Planning Priorities

Strategic Priorities 2017-2018

At the March 14, 2017 Regular Council Meeting, Council re-affirmed the Strategic Priorities 2017-2018. This document follows  a Strategic Planning and Priority Setting Session held on January 17, 2017 with senior management staff briefing Council on Town initiatives and practices. Council members offered their perspectives and feedback. An external facilitator supported staff in collating the information. This information has been synthesized in the attached document into overarching strategic goals that are supported by priority areas of focus and strategic action items that can facilitate implementation.

The Town’s Strategic Priorities form the framework for municipal policies and direction, work plans and resource allocations. As a preliminary component of the Session, Mr. Michael Fenn of StrategyCorp held teleconference interviews with members of Town Council. The purpose of the interviews was to provide an opportunity to review accomplishments and to discuss expectations of the Session and for the term of Council. The discussions were to specifically address members’ perceptions of current issues and future directions that the Town should be considering as they plan for the last year and a half of their term in office. In addition, interviews were held with members of the Senior Management Team.

Additional action items were identified at the session and are outlined in bold in the attached report. The Strategic Priorities identified by the group involve initiatives that are manageable to implement and will benefit existing residents, businesses and visitors while at the same time focusing on attracting new investment and development. As priorities are not intended to communicate everything that the Town plans to achieve by the end of 2018, they should not be static; if the strategic environment changes, then priorities may need to be adjusted. Progress reports on the implementation of the strategic actions and priorities will continue to be provided to Council semi-annually.