Pulleyblank/Crowder/Moro Sanitary Sewer Extension

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Pulleyblank/Crowder/Moro Sanitary Sewer Extension

The Oldcastle Hamlet is approximately 815 hectares of land which has been developed primarily for industrial use.  The majority of existing developments within the hamlet have historically been serviced by private on-site sewage disposal (septic) systems. Over the past several years, a number of studies have identified significant pollution problems and potential health risks attributed to the discharge of raw wastewater from failing septic systems into roadside open ditches.

The Town’s Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update (2008) as prepared by AECOM Canada Ltd., identified a preferred strategy for providing wastewater servicing and treatment capacity to meet the Town’s present needs and future growth.  One of the largest areas to be provided with servicing is the Oldcastle Hamlet where there is potential for development and expansion of employment lands.  In addition, Public Works & Environmental Services has developed a draft servicing plan for the construction of the lateral sewers within the Oldcastle Hamlet.

The North Talbot Road Trunk Facilities Project, completed in early 2012, included the construction of a trunk sanitary sewer, from Old West Drive in the City of Windsor to Oldcastle Road, including new private service connections to each property along North Talbot Road.  This project is an important component of Tecumseh’s long-term strategy in eliminating the pollution problem in Oldcastle Hamlet.  Construction of the North Talbot Road Trunk Sanitary Sewer now provides outlet opportunities for the construction of lateral sanitary sewer extensions on adjoining streets. This will provide existing industries an opportunity to decommission failing septic sewage systems and to connect to the new sewers. In addition, the new sewers will also enable existing industries to expand and future developments to occur.  The Ministry of Environment (MOE) has requested that the Town address a number of issues pertaining to wastewater in the Oldcastle Hamlet including, but not limited to, the following:  overflows from subsurface sewage systems, leaking sewage systems causing potential impact to the environment, sewage systems that may require upgrades and spills.

The Pulleyblank/Crowder/Moro Sanitary Sewer Extension project was included as part of Public Works & Environmental Services 2017 Capital Works Plan, and approved by Council at the December 13, 2016 Regular Meeting of Council.  Stantec Consulting Limited was retained by the Town to complete the design, and carry out the contract administration and inspection throughout construction.  The project consists of:

Pulleyblank Street (North Talbot Road to Rossi Drive)

  • The installation of sanitary sewers, replacement of storm sewers and watermains, complete road reconstruction, and final restoration.

Crowder Court (Pulleyblank Street to end of cul-de-sac)

  • The installation of sanitary sewers, replacement of storm sewers, complete road reconstruction, and final restoration.

Moro Drive (Pulleyblank Street to Burke Street)

  • The installation of sanitary sewers, replacement of storm sewers and watermains, complete road reconstruction, and final restoration.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Town of Tecumseh
Mr. Phil Bartnik, P.Eng., PMP – Manager Engineering Services
Tel: (519) 735-2184 ext. 148

Date to Post: 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Planned Completion: 

Thursday, January 10, 2019