Lottery Licensing

Tecumseh "Bingo" Class Action


The Corporation of the Town of Tecumseh follow Lottery Licensing Policies as developed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, the Criminal Code of Canada, the Order-in-Council 2688/03 (as amended) and the Gaming Control Act, 1992 and its Regulations.


Organizations must have a demonstrated charitable or religious mandate to qualify i.e. it provides programs for:

  • Relief of poverty; 
  • Advancement of education; and
  • Other charitable purposes beneficial to the community. 

The following pre-requisites are mandatory to be considered eligible for a lottery license:

  • Organizations must have been in existence for at least one (1) year before being considered eligible for lottery licenses.
  • The organization must have a place of business in Ontario, demonstrate that it is established to provide charitable services in Ontario and use proceeds for objects or purposes which benefit Ontario residents.
  • The Town of Tecumseh will only issue a lottery license to an organization which operates charitable facilities or programs within the County of Essex.

The primary purposes of an organization are determined by considering:

  • The mandate of the organization as set out in its incorporation documents or documents stating the organization’s objects.
  • The objects of the organization as described in its application for license.
  • The services which have actually been provided by the organization to the community.

Organizations that have not conducted lottery events, must complete a Lottery Licensing Eligibility Form.

Types of Lottery Events

The Town of Tecumseh issues licenses to conduct the following lottery events:

  • Bingo events;
  • Ticket raffle lotteries for total prized $50,000 and under; and
  • All break open ticket lotteries not licensed by the provincial office.

Fee Schedule

Event Price
Bingo $165.00/event
Raffle 3% of prize board
Break Open Tickets 3% of prize board


AGCO Lottery Licensing Forms

No. Name of Form
1 AGCO Charitable Gaming Application (Bingo) [Form 4220B (09/03)]
2 AGCO Charitable Gaming Event Report [Form 4225B (08/04)]
3 AGCO Raffle Licence Terms and Conditions [Form 6004A E (2017/06)
4 AGCO Application to Manage and Conduct a Raffle Lottery [Form 6004B (06/05)]
5 AGCO Lottery Report (Form 06347B (06/05)]
6 AGCO Application to Manage and Conduct a Blanket Raffle Lottery [Form 3155B (6/05)]
7 AGCO Blanket Raffle Lottery Report [Form 3156B (06/05)]
8 AGCO Break Open Ticket Licence Terms and Conditions [Form 4016B (2015/06)]
9 AGCO Schedule of Approved Break Open Ticket Types and Associated Expense Maximums [Form 4016A E (2017/08)]
10 AGCO Break Open Ticket Lottery Report [Form 4218B (10/10)]
11 AGCO Break Open Ticket Licence Application [Form 6140B (10/05)]


Town of Tecumseh Licensing Forms

Town of Tecumseh Lottery Forms