Roads & Fleet Division

Roads & Fleet Division is represented by the following Administration:

  • Phil Bartnik, P.Eng., Director Public Works & Environmental Services

  • Kirby McArdle, P.Eng., Manager Roads and Fleet

  • Sam Paglia, P.Eng., Drainage Superintendent

The Roads & Fleet Division is responsible for the maintenance and construction of all roads and bridges within the Town of Tecumseh. Department staff maintains 183 kms of roadway, 16 bridges greater than 3m span, 91 culverts less than 3m span, with 14 vehicles and 6 pieces of heavy equipment from two works yards: Lacasse Boulevard and Oldcastle Hamlet.

Responsibilities of staff include but are not limited to: inspections and repairs of roads, road patrols, bridges and culverts; roadside maintenance including sewer cleaning and maintenance, shouldering, & pothole repair; street cleaning; hard top patching; annual inspection of street signs and replacement as necessary; verification of traffic signal function; review and installation of pavement markings including coordination with outside forces as required; fleet car and management of all Town fleet, including annual licensing and inspection program.

Specifically, roadside maintenance also includes grass cutting, weed control, upkeep of roadside shoulders, culverts and removal of ditch debris as necessary. A roadside shoulder condition review is conducted annually.

Winter control is carried out with seven snow plows on six routes and two salt sheds. The Town also utilizes two pieces of sidewalk snow removal equipment in the clearing of 35 kilometres of sidewalks and pathways. The salt sheds are located at the Lacasse Boulevard yard and the Oldcastle yard.

Street lighting servicing is carried out by Essex Power on a Maintenance Contract.

Permit Application

The Town of Tecumseh requires a completed and approved Permit Application for proposed work within the municipal right-of-way (i.e.,  sanitary sewer, storm sewer, curb cut, driveway approach, culverts, road crossing, etc.).  A copy of the Permit Application is provided below.

Garbage Collection & Disposal

The Town of Tecumseh contracts out garbage, yard waste and white goods collection. The current contract is with Windsor Disposal Service (WDS). Garbage disposal is at the Essex Windsor Solid Waste Authority (EWSWA) site. EWSWA is operated by a Board of members appointed from the County of Essex and the City of Windsor. Recycling is provided at the upper tier level.

Storm Sewer System

A storm sewer system is designed to drain excess rain or ground water from paved streets, parking lots and sidewalks, as well as from homes where private drain connections exist.  The Town’s storm system consists of 135 kms of storm pipe; 1,491 manholes; 4,859 catch basins and 8 pump stations.

The Public Works department is responsible for maintenance and repair of all mainline storm pipe, catch basins and manholes, private drain connections to homes, and the pumping stations. Maintenance involves flushing, vacuuming and cleaning of sumps and mainlines. Town staff also operates video inspection equipment in the maintenance of the mainline storm sewer system to identify deficiencies that require remedial action. Where necessary, staff performs ditching work, culvert maintenance and replacement.

Stormwater Management - Information for Residents

For information on stormwater management, click on the link below entitled "Information Report for Residents - Tecumseh Stormwater Management".

For information on protecting your home from flooding, click on the link below entitled "Protect Your Home from Basement Flooding".


Roundabouts are a safety improvement over signalized intersections. The number of conflict points between vehicles is less and studies have shown that collisions are reduced and delays to motorists are significantly lower.

For more information on Roundabouts in Tecumseh, click on the link below entitled "Tecumseh Roundabout Brochure" or by going to this website:


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The Environmental Services Department is supported by:

TOWN OF TECUMSEH, TOWN HALL - PHONE# 519 735-2184 FAX # 519 735-6712

Name Staff Title Extension Number Staff Email
Phil Bartnik Director Public Works & Environmental Services 148 Contact person by email
Kirby McArdle Manager Roads & Fleet 144 Contact person by email
John Henderson Manager Engineering Services 166 Contact person by email
Cheryl Curran Clerk I - Administrative Clerk 149 Contact person by email
Debbie Kelly Clerk II - Administrative Clerk 142 Contact person by email