Fire Safety Planning

Apartment Block Fire - Courtesy of Harvey Eisner

Fire Safety Planning is an important component of fire safety. Whether an employee, patron or occupant, within Group A and Group B occupancies, fire safety regulation requires fire safety plans be established that provide clarity and concise direction in times of emergency.

The Ontario Fire Code, Section 2.8 requires the establishment and implementation of a Fire Safety Plan for every building containing a Group (A) or (B) occupancy and to every building required by the Building Code to have a Fire Alarm System.

The Fire Marshals Act states that “every person who contravenes any provision of the Fire Code and every Director or Officer of a Corporation who knowingly concurs in such contravention is guilty of an offense. One conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $25,000 or to imprisonment for a term or not more than one year, or to both”. 

This Plan is required to be acceptable to the Fire Chief for the Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service.

The implementation of a Fire Safety Plan helps to assure effective utilization of Life Safety features in a building, to protect people from fire. The required Fire Safety Plan should be designed to suit the resources of each individual building or complex of buildings.

Fire Safety Plans are intended to assist the owner of a building with the basic essentials for the safety of all occupants. They are also designed to ensure an orderly evacuation at the time of an emergency and to provide a maximum degree of flexibility to achieve the necessary Fire Safety for the building.

The attached template is provided for business owners and others identified under the Ontario Fire Code and is designed to simplify the process of meeting OFC requirements. 

Please feel free to download the attached Word file (.doc), which can be saved, completed and emailed back to Fire Prevention Officer Bob Hamilton of the TFRS. For further information please contact FPO Bob Hamilton at: 

519-979-4041 Ext. 11.

All inquiries will be responded to within (1) business day.