Basic Medical Intervention

MVA Extrication Courtesy of Adam Daley 2008













Emergency Medical Services intervention and transport is provided by Essex Land Ambulance Service. The Tecumseh Fire and Rescue service (TFRS) is part of the primary response for medical intervention and is simultaneously dispatched to attend all emergency responses agreed to under the Medical Tier Agreement with the County of Essex Land Ambulance Department. These responses are based on the following criteria:  

  1. Where a significant ambulance delay is anticipated,
  2. Suspected VSA (Vital Signs Absent) calls,
  3. All Code 4 calls received for County Motor Vehicle Accidents,
  4. Suspected patient entrapment requiring extrication,
  5. All calls requiring expertise of fire services such as gas spills, hydro lines down, industrial accidents, etc.

TFRS medical intervention includes all basic life support functions including CPR, First Aid and patient defibrillation. The program is licensed under Dr. Curtis Fedoruk of Windsor.