Older and Wiser

Tecumseh Fire Rescue Services

Older & Wiser: Home Fire Safety Check for Family and Friends of Older Adults



When it comes to fire, adults over age 65 are at greater risk than any other group. As most fire deaths occur in the home, it is important that older people know how to protect themselves. If you have a relative or friend in this vulnerable group, please take a few minutes to complete this fire safety check of their home, or call the Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service. It could be a lifesaver.


  • Part A is the physical fire safety check of the older adult’s home. It should be conducted once each month by a relative or friend.
  • Part B consists of 14 questions to ask the older adult. These questions should be asked once, with periodic reminders.  

 What to do if you are concerned

If possible, take measures to correct the situation. Advise the older person that he/she is at risk of fire and injury. Remember, it is extremely difficult to change established habits. If the older person will not change the risky behaviour - such as smoking in bed - appropriate safeguards must be put in place or alternative plans made.
If you would like the Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service to attend/inspect and or discuss the issue with your loved one, please contact the department to set up a time and appointment.