New Recruits

A fire service is only as good as its people, and the TFRS is blessed with exceptional people, in every way. The department attracts dynamic, willling, capable, community minded men and women with an appetite for helping others.

If you are the type of person who enjoys the comradely nature of the fire service and who takes great pride in being of service to others, then we are interested in you.

The Hiring Process

The recruitment of firefighters for the department typically occurs in the spring of each year. While new recruits may not be hired each year depending on retirements and attrition, new recruits were added in 2013.

Applicants must successfully complete a general aptitude exam, testing for their physical ability and successfully undergo an interview process as part of regular selection. Recruits then must take part in a 13 week firefighting orientation course and must complete Firefighting 1 of the NFPA 1001 curriculum within the department's specified time period. Recruits are on probation for 6 months and remain on the department if positively assessed.

Firefighters are paid for all training and fire calls. Dress uniforms are provided after the first year and station wear are provided by the department and replaced as required. The Tecumseh Fire Rescue Service is not unionized and the Tecumseh Firefighters Association represents the interests of all partial-paid departmental members.


Promotions to Captain are made from within on the basis of past behaviour, demonstrable ability and merit. The process includes:

  • Submission of resumes and assessment of minimum qualifications,
  • Written (closed book) examination,
  • Scenario testing for problem solving and critical thinking ability,
  • An interview.

The process requires applicants to successfully complete each stage of the process independently in order to proceed. Only those applicants who succeed in meeting the standard for each phase will continue to the interview stage. A company officer program is under consideration which, once implemented, will require Captains to successfully complete the program within a specified time frame.