Station #2



Station 2


Station #2 primarily serves industrial manufacturers in the tool and die, injection molding, extrusion and fabrication industries in addition to the largely rural environment of southern Tecumseh based in the Oldcastle Hamlet. There are approximately 550 manufacturing companies protected by Station #2.


Station #2 Captains
Capt,. Ray Simard Capt,. Ray Simard
Capt. Chad Mactier Capt,. Ray Simard

 Rescue 2

Rescue 2 is a 2006 Rosenbauer Engine/Rescue/Tanker with a rear-mount 1050 gpm Waterous pump, Foam-Pro all-around, 1000 gallons of water and 80 gallons of AAAF. A 4-head Command light and Hurst Dual-head extrication capability complete the unit.


Engine 2 CAFS

Engine 2 is a 2010 Smeal 1050 gpm Waterous Eclipse CAFS Engine with a 1000 gallon water tank. Engine 2 is identical to Engine 1 except that it has the additional benefits of an Advantis 6 - 200 cfm compressed air foam system . A four point 9000 pound winch, and a portable Homatro 10,000 psi extrication system have also been added. 

The Compressed air Foam System's advantages effectively extend Engine 2's water supply/fire suppression capability by approximately 500% providing almost 30 minutes application of Class A compressed air foam. The addition of Holmatro extrication equipment and a heavy winch now provides this engine with a complete vehicle extrication capability, similar to the department's other engine and rescue companies.  


Tecumseh Squad 2















Squad 2 is a 2008 Ford V-10 equipped (4x4) F-250 Brush truck w/100 gallon of water/foam concentrate. The truck is modular in design and has multiple slide-on containers that can carry additional equipment for air supply, extrication cribbing and extrication equipment. Squad 2 is the first response vehicle for emergency medical calls and, like all Tecumseh Fire Units, defibrillator and first aid equipped.

Station #2 has a complement of 18 firefighters including 4 Captains and the station is located at 5520 Walker Road in the Oldcastle Hamlet near Highway 3.

The office of Deputy Chief is located at Station 2.