Training and continuous improvement are integral to the TFRS. Training to the Ontario Fire Marshal’s and NFPA standards is mandated by the department and International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) accreditation is required to be achieved by each firefighter on the department. Department training is held weekly for all department personnel to ensure compliance with these standards and testing of proficiencies is required to maintain departmental competencies.

Firehouse Expo Training Cartoon - Courtesy of Coombs Cartoons

Recruits typically bring formal pre-employment certification to the department from an accredited college, however training for recruits is still intensive and extensive as all recruits regardless of previous training or experience must complete a pre-service employment fire orientation program that requires 10 weeks. During the next 5 years, fire recruits are required to complete the NFPA Level 1 firefighter training program. Recruits are on probation for six months and may not enter fire involved structures or drive departmental apparatus until they have completed the necessary training and their assigned Squad Captain has signed off on individual competencies.

TFRS also trains for confined space rescue and shore-based water rescue. We also have specialty teams that require training over and above the normal curriculum.

Fire training scenarios are designed to provide safe yet realistic fireground experiences related to structural fire entry. While this training will become an integral component of fire training for the department in the coming years, there is a need to acquire and utilize acquired structures. While the burning of acquired structures presents hazards to personnel, these can be safely managed and controlled by adhering to NFPA 1403, Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions.

Interior live fire training


Live Fire Training