Planning Department


The Planning Department is represented by the following staff:

• Brian Hillman, MCIP, RPP, Director, Planning and Building Services;
• Chad Jeffery, MCIP, RPP, Manager, Planning;
• Enrico De Cecco, MCIP, RPP, Junior Planner; and
• Donna Ferris, Secretary-Treasurer to the Committee of Adjustment 


Planners have a primary responsibility to define and serve the interests of the public. The Planning Department’s role is to provide professional advice and information to Council, local residents, landowners and the development community, with the goal of serving the public interest and enhancing the quality of life and built environment within the community. 

In collaboration with various community stakeholders, the Planning Department develops and recommends policy that promotes effective land use strategies that improve the quality of life for Tecumseh's residents. Creating and promoting a liveable, vibrant and efficient built environment while ensuring the protection and enhancement of important environmental and agricultural resources are key tenets for the Planning Department. Town Council has endorsed policies contained within the “Healthy Places, Healthy People” statement, thereby providing guiding principles for work undertaken by the department. Public and stakeholder involvement in the planning process is encouraged as a means to balance competing interests and engage the community. 

The planning function is governed by the legislative and policy framework provided by The Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement, the County Official Plan and local Official Plans and Zoning By-laws. The department oversees both long-range policy planning (Official Plan and Secondary Plans) and development control functions (Zoning By-law, Subdivision Control, Site Plan Control, Minor Variance and Consent) and provides leadership and support in other strategic exercises undertaken by various departments of the Town (Development Charges, various Master Plans and Municipal Class Environmental Assessments).

Through the use of these Planning documents, the Planning Department strives to balance social, environmental and economical interests, in order to achieve a built form that will benefit both the present and future residents of the community.


Providing elected officials, decision-makers and the community with sound planning advice and recommended action strategies that stress the importance of maintaining a strong link between Tecumseh’s urban planning goals and effective land use decisions are key responsibilities of the department.

The core services provided to the Municipality by the Planning Department include:

• Policy Planning
• Development Proposal review
• Zoning By-law and Official Plan Interpretation
• Urban Design
• Population/Growth Projections

The Planning Department's Administration is also responsible for the review and approval of the following development applications:

• Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment
• Site Plan Control Approval
• Plan of Subdivision/Condominium
• Development Agreement
• Part-lot Control Exemption
• Consent to Sever
• Minor Variance


The Planning Department also manages and oversees the Tecumseh Transit Service. The Tecumseh Transit Service operates in the northerly urban area of the Town, operating on a circuitous route with a one-hour headway covering 30 km and 38 stops. The Tecumseh Transit Service has been in operation since its introduction to the Town in December of 2009. More information on this service, including transit route and schedule can be found at the link below.




The Planning Department is supported by:

TOWN OF TECUMSEH, TOWN HALL - PHONE# 519 735-2184 FAX # 519 735-6712

Name Title Extension Number Select to contact by email
Brian Hillman Director Planning & Building Services 131 Contact person by email
Chad Jeffery Manager Planning 154 Contact person by email
Enrico DeCecco Junior Planner 123 Contact person by email
Donna Ferris Clerk II - Administrative Clerk 132 Contact person by email