Official Plans


The Town of Tecumseh is guided by three separate official plans. These official plans represent the three former municipalities (Town of Tecumseh, Township of Sandwich South and Village of St. Clair Beach) that existed separately prior to the January 1, 1999 amalgamation of the three areas.



The purpose of the Official Plan is to set forth the general policies concerned with the shaping and guiding of the physical growth and arrangement of the Town of Tecumseh in harmony with the social and economic needs in order to obtain the most desirable physical environment for the present and future inhabitants of the Town.

These plans, although legal documents do not control or regulate the development of land by private interests. It is the intention of these plans, however, that the policies and statements of the basic planning principles contained herein will guide both municipal Council and staff, along with private interests, in such a way as to ensure the best form of development under the most desirable conditions.

These Official Plans establish in very general terms, the pattern which development within the Town of Tecumseh should follow during the planning period of 1991 to 2011. In addition, these Official Plans provide a comprehensive legal document to guide and direct future development in a logical and orderly manner and attempts to correct the errors of past development so as to ensure a resulting healthy growth pattern which will benefit all the residents of the Town.



An Official Plan is a dynamic document and, therefore, it is intended that this Plan shall be subject to continuing review by the Town. Whenever it is found necessary, due to new technical, physical, social or economic development, or as a result of joint studies with the Provincial Government, this Plan will be amended to stay relevant in the context of changes and trends.



It is the intention of the Plans to establish a number of goals and objectives. A goal is a desired state which reflects the long-range purpose of the Plans and is related to a major area of concern. An objective is a short-range step toward the goal. It is concrete, realistic, action-oriented and attainable within a short period of time. The achievement of an objective should move the goal closer to reality.

Please refer to the links below for the three Official Plan Plans that govern the Town of Tecumseh.

Planning Documents