Hydro and Power

Essex Power - Streetlight Maintenance

To report a problem with streetlights, please contact Essex Power at 519-737-6640 or the after hours number at 519-561-6366 OR




The Town of Tecumseh is serviced by:

Essex Powerlines and Hydro One Please see the attached map for the provider for your area.

Hydro service provider map


As you may or may not be aware, when there is a power outage, there is some time required to dispatch crews to determine the cause and the solution to the outage. We are working on getting better and more timely information to our staff to decrease the time it takes to assess the situation but this is not yet available. Until then, we ask that customers be patient as our crews are very diligent in getting the power restored as soon as possible. To accomplish this, our crews will perform switching to get as many customers restored as possible and isolate the least amount of customers directly involved with the outage problem. When this switching is done, there may be some flickering lights or short on/off situations that should not cause any problems with customer equipment.

For information on power outages please see:

Essex Power  or  Hydro One