trees in Lakewood ParkLooking for a perfect place to host your next family reunion or corporate picnic?  Consider a pavilion picnic facility located in one of Tecumseh's beautiful parks.  Pavilions offer a sheltered, paved location with picnic tables and electrical hook-up capabilities.  Many pavilions are conveniently located near children's playgrounds and sport fields.  Lacasse Park pavilions are located near the Tecumseh Leisure Pool.  Click here for more information.

One of the Town's greatest strengths is the wonderful park system. Big or small, these parks offer everything from play to quiet relaxation.

The Parks Department is managed by Casey Colthurst, Manager Parks and Horticulture. Park staff maintains 200 acres of parkland in 37 parks throughout Tecumseh.

Lakewood Park
A natural, ecologically sensitive, informal, and community oriented park; with unique and innovative features and design quality; a park that welcomes a diversity of people of all abilities, ages, interests and demographics; an identity-building place for all of Tecumseh to celebrate; and be celebrated.  Lakewood Park includes 65 acres of manicured turf, paved walking trail, outdoor fitness equipment, 10' climbing boulder, winding water channel & pond, 18 hold Disc Golf course, sandy beach for full access to Lake St. Clair, pavilion & gazebo, accessible washroom facilities and beautiful flower beds.

Disc Golf
In Ontario, the Tecumseh Disc Golf Course is the only disc golf course west of St. Thomas.  Disc golf is played much like traditional golf but instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flyer disc (or frisbee).  The object is to complete each hole in the fewest throws.  Lakewood Cafe has discs available for users who do not have equipment for the course; see Lakewood Cafe for fees.

 CLICK HERE for a map of the Disc Golf course layout.

Urban Poling
Turn your walk into a full body workout.  Urban Poling (also known as Nordic walking), is basically cross-country skiing without the skis.  It helps tone muscles while burning calories and helps to increase your posture.   The Tecumseh Parks and Recreation Department offers free use of urban poles at Lacasse Park and Lakewood Park.  CLICK HERE for details.



Community Parks
There are five major community parks including Lacasse Park, McAuliffe Park, Green Acres Optimist Park, Tecumseh Centre Park and St. Mary's Park.

Neighbourhood Parks
Neighbourhood parks are smaller in area and provide for local recreation activities such as playing fields, playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball diamonds and passive recreation users.

Pumping Stations
The Town owns approximately eight small parcels fronting onto Lake St. Clair. These small individual parcels are used for water pumping stations, removing water from the low lying lands south of the lake front. They provide a significant and important waterfront access feature for the Town to allow surrounding residents an opportunity to view the Lake. They provide rest opportunities and designations for walks along Riverside Drive.

Fairplay Woods
These lands consist of a woodlot which is an identified significant natural heritage area comprised of approximately 47 hectares. In addition to the woodlot, the Town owns approximately 74 hectares of land which are currently in agricultural production and are slated for future development.