Wastewater Services

Wastewater (Sanitary) Sewer System

The Town of Tecumseh conveys wastewater to the City of Windsor wastewater treatment facilities. The Little River Pollution Control Plant is owned and operated by the City of Windsor and services the existing urban areas in the former Village of St. Clair Beach, the Town of Tecumseh and the Tecumseh Hamlet. The Skyway Plaza Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in 1998 as a temporary facility to service a commercial plaza and a 22 lot residential subdivision within the Oldcastle Hamlet.

The Town, through its Wastewater Agreement with the City of Windsor, purchased a limited capacity allocation at the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant (located in the City of Windsor). In 2011, the Town has made use of that capacity for the Oldcastle Hamlet with the construction of a trunk sanitary sewer along North Talbot Road.

The City of Windsor was able to secure Senior Government grants that enabled construction of a trunk sanitary sewer along Banwell Road to Highway 401 at the Eighth Concession Road, providing a second outlet to the Oldcastle Hamlet. That outlet is being extended to County Road 46 and will be completed by the end of 2011. There are no plans to further extend that trunk sanitary sewer into the Oldcastle Hamlet in the near future.

The local wastewater collection system provides conveyance for the Town's wastewater flows to the outlets to the City of Windsor. Within the local wastewater collection system, there also exists local sewage pumping stations required to overcome grade limitations.

The sanitary sewer system consists of 105 kms of sanitary sewer pipe; 1,370 manholes; 4 pumping stations and 1 treatment plant. The treatment plant, pumping stations and collection system are operated by OCWA.

The collection system is maintained by Roads & Fleet staff. In 2011, there were upgrades and improvements to the St. Alphonse Pumping Station.
There are four metering stations that are currently being monitored using SCADA. This provides the Town with historical flow and volume data.

Foundation Drain and Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy Program

Following the severe rainfall events in June 2010 and September 2011, the sanitary sewer system was and continues to be monitored and assessed to determine opportunities for improvements to the system that could increase the level of service and reduce the risk of basement flooding. Sanitary modelling continues to be carried out to provide additional data and information on the performance of the system.

A ten year work plan has been developed to address areas within the Town’s sanitary sewer system that are subject to high inflow and infiltration (I & I). The first phase of the ten year work plan included camera/flushing and sewer repairs in 2011. In addition, 140 rain shields were placed in the manholes to prevent storm water from entering the sanitary system.

A subsidy program was launched in 2012 that provides financial assistance to homeowners to assist them in disconnecting their foundation drains from the sanitary sewer system and assist them in installing a backwater valve on the internal plumbing system in existing homes.

Major initiatives for the Sanitary Sewer System in the coming years include integration of new trunk sewers through the City of Windsor that service the Town’s Oldcastle Hamlet area.

Continued annual I & I removal is recommended.

Council may consider enacting a mandatory disconnecting of foundation drains by-law and providing an incentives subsidy to homeowners to carry out the disconnection.

Sanitary trunk sewer extensions to developable lands will be considered as the Secondary Plans evolve and new development proposals come forward.

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