Water Division

Water & Wastewater Division, headed by Denis Berthiaume, Manager, is located at 1189 Lacasse Boulevard at the corner of Tecumseh Road and Lacasse Boulevard.


The Water Division's mandate is to deliver clean, reliable, and safe water to the residences and businesses in the Town of Tecumseh. We are proud to deliver tap water to our customer’s homes that exceeds Ontario’s drinking water quality standards.

The Town of Tecumseh is supplied with water from the City of Windsor. The A.H. Weeks Water Treatment Plant (WTP), the trunk transmission mains, the pumping stations and reservoirs in the City of Windsor are owned and operated by the Windsor Utilities Commission (WUC). The Town of Tecumseh owns and operates the distribution system within the Town of Tecumseh, including metering facilities at the Town boundary. Presently there are 222.62 kms of watermain; 1,300 hydrants; 1,500 valves and 12 boundary meters. The boundary meters and the water tower are monitored using SCADA, measuring flow, volume, and pressure. The Town also owns and operates one elevated storage facility with a capacity of 4,546 m3 and one small water filling station in Oldcastle.

In order to reduce costs and become more efficient, ERTs (electronic radio transmitters) continued to be installed on residential meters. Through radio frequency technology, meters equipped with ERTs can be read from a moving vehicle. This is in contrast to the prior method, which required staff to read meters on foot. The process would make meter reading more efficient, reduce errors and allow Town staff to attend to discrepancies a lot sooner.

Cessation of Fluoridation of the City of Windsor Water Supply

At its special meeting of January 28, 2013, Windsor City Council adopted the recommendation by Windsor Utilities Commission (W.U.C.) to cease fluoridation of the City of Windsor water supply. As an outcome of that resolution EnWin Utilities Ltd., acting on behalf of WUC, made application to the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to make the necessary amendments to the Municipal Drinking Water Licence for the City of Windsor removing the requirement for the addition of fluoridating chemicals. On March 25, 2013 EnWin Utilities Ltd., received an amended licence from the MOE removing the requirement to fluoridate the Windsor water supply. Upon receipt of the amended licence, EnWin operating staff subsequently ceased the addition of fluoride to the water supply. Accordingly, Town of Tecumseh water, a bulk water customer of the Windsor Utilities Commission, is fluoride-free.

Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update
Class Environmental Assessment Report

The Town of Tecumseh completed a Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan in 2002 and amendments in 2005 and 2008. The completed Master Plan and amendments identify the long-term water and wastewater servicing strategies and associated capital projects to serve the urban settlement areas in the Town of Tecumseh.  The Town has prepared an Update to its Water and Wastewater Master Plan (2018-2019) to review, confirm and update the preferred water and wastewater servicing strategies to adequately support projected growth and development within the Town, and to continue to provide a high level of service in the existing service areas.


The Water Services Division will continue with Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS) certification.

The ERT program has commenced and will continue in 2019.

System improvements continue to be carried out in the southern part of the municipality to improve water delivery. Water Services Division will investigate methods of increasing water pressure in the south rural areas.

Cast iron replacements will be reviewed and carried out in conjunction with road reconstruction.

Watermain extensions to developable lands will be considered as Secondary Plans evolve and new development proposals come forward.


2019 Administrative Fees & Charges

For a complete list of fees and charges associated with Water Services, please refer to the attached by-law, By-Law 2018-70.

The Water Department is supported by:

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